The Doctor

My wife and I have always wanted to own a hot tub for the last ten years and I have always been wondering about which store might be able to offer the best spa experience for us that will last a generation. About two months ago we decided to bite the bullet and get a pool that we have always wanted for a long time. We proceeded to receive three quotes from what we believed were the best pool builders in the city. I did receive quotes from different companies and spa doctor was the best value. The biggest quote came from a famous pool company in the city who were arrogant and inconsiderate hence I had to drop them.

Before settling on the Spa Doctor, we did a detailed analysis on the quality of the construction price and settled for Spa Doctor to undertake the task of getting a hot tub installed. Finding a reputable pool builder is a daunting task, but Spa Doctor offers amazing pool at a fair price. Before contracting them, we filled an online form on a Monday morning (decision to bite the bullet was made on a cold Sunday evening) and within a day they had replied back to us with an estimate and we set up an appointment for Friday. During the appointment at their offices, we viewed excellent and exceptional products that they do sell coupled with a friendly and helpful service. They have a showroom that has no pressure whatsoever and we were happy with the product that we received. SPA Doctor later showed up in our house to review all the options available and made a full contractual agreement to completion dates and pricing. They did crash all the other competitors pricing and their service was astounding.

The finished product was far beyond our expectation with the staff being helpful all the way. Our back yard is funky and challenging but Spa Doctor did a wonderful and amazing job right from the design stage to the finished pool plus everything in between. The staffs were polite and communicative, answering all the numerous questions that we had and up today continue to do so whenever we ring them for an answer. Frankly deciding to invest in a pool is a very big decision but the Spa Doctor went beyond our wildest imagination. If I were to buy a tub again, I would shop it at none other place than the spa doctor. Given a chance, I would recommend Spa Doctor again and again.