The Smooth Process

When I sat at the table looking down at the papers it all seemed too real. How did I end up here? In a lawyer’s office signing my divorce papers. How did my life turn so drastically to this? So many thoughts and questions going through my mind like a whirl wind.

This process started many months ago when my wife and I decided to separate. We knew it was time and knew that we needed some help. However, neither of us knew where to turn. We did not want to make this situation any harder than it already was for us or our children so we decided on one lawyer to handle everything. We found a family law Modesto office near and started the research. After finding many quality praises and being happy with the choice we set up the first meeting.

The first day we sat down and the lawyer was very understanding. He knew that we were going through a difficult time but wanted to keep things civil. After greeting us at the door he welcomed us into the offices and offered us water. Once the pleasantries were done we got down to business. We started with the main topic-our children. We agreed that we wanted to have joint custody and make it as easy of a transition for them as possible.

Once we had agreed on how to share the children we went on to the next item-our house. The place we had lived for years and started our family in. personally I wanted to give it to my wife right away. This was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, and she accepted me through it. She was a strong and kind woman and if I was the one to decide to step away in life, then I should not force her to leave the house she spent so many years making her own. I think she was shocked when I said that but was very grateful at the same time.

After all of the items were handled all that was left to do was sign. We signed all the appropriate documents and finalized the divorce. I never really think about the process because it was so smooth. Looking back it is all a praise to our lawyer. He was so helpful and on top of everything he made our painful life situation a smooth a fast one. I owe a great deal of gratitude to our lawyer for his help in our life.